Tire Stickers

TIRE STICKERS®, the world’s first and only official global provider of unique branding solutions engineered for simple, steadfast application to tire sidewalls and rubber surfaces.  Our variety of products can be used for personal, commercial, high-performance automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and off-road vehicles. Tire Stickers offers customers the ability to design custom tire letter kits and logos in short term durability or permanent, raised-rubber lettering that will truly make a statement.  We also offer custom color matching, Installation Service with warranty at Los Angeles location, as well as new tires with Permanent Raised Rubber kits professionally installed!

Tire Stickers® has developed strong relationships with nearly every major tire manufacturer including Dunlop, Falken, Toyo, Continental, GoodYear, Michelin and more. As a result of this partnership, we are proud to be exclusively associated with and officially offer licensed tire brand name designs; only available through Tire Stickers® ! Don’t see your brand in our Shop? Order through the Create Your Own section! Tire Stickers offers logos and creative designs including flares, whitewalls and more! We continually add additional logos, designs and brand names.

DIY Tire Lettering Kits:

(1) Short Term: Peel and Stick Tire Letter Kit – Ideal for quick and easy application with durability to withstand extreme driving conditions. Short term tire decals are ideal for car shows, races and photo shoots lasting for a 1-2 week period.  This tire letter kit is a quick and affordable improvement over tire paint or tire pen products that discolor, crack and flake off!
(2)  Individual Letter Permanent Raised Rubber Kit – The Individual Letter Kit is the most affordable Permanent solution available on the market! This tire letter kit provides a durable bond and quality appearance lasting the lifetime of the tire, perfect for daily drivers!  This kit is fully cleanable even after 40,000+ miles of intense driving.  This kit features letters individually curved and appropriately sized for your wheel and tire setup. Multiple colors are available and each kit includes application adhesive and Tire Stickers Rubber Cleaner!
(3) Pre-Curved Permanent Raised Rubber Letter Kits – This tire letter kit provides a durable bond and quality appearance lasting the lifetime of the tire, perfect for daily drivers!  This kit is fully cleanable even after 40,000+ miles of intense driving.  Each Raised Rubber Letter Kit includes a specially designed tire adhesive, Tire Stickers Rubber Cleaner, and instructions for application, maintenance and removal. For the most affordable solution, check out our Individual Letter Kits available in our most popular font.  For application convenience, we recommend our pre-curved kits designed to fit your tire size perfectly.

Race Apparel

We are stockists of:

At Track Monkey Apparel® we are committed to providing only quality and reliable products. We purposely only offer products from a select few companies in each aspect of race gear, safety equipment, oil, etc. The companies we offer were carefully selected because they share our same values and have not lost sight of the true goal: creating quality and reliable products in order to make racers safer while on track. This also allows us to actually have real knowledge of each of the companies and their products that we offer. More info coming soon!




K1 Race Gear was born in 2003 with the philosophy of offering products to our customers that we ourselves would be proud to use. At K1 Race Gear, we are racers ourselves, and we understand the value of buying quality racing products at a reasonable price. To meet the needs of our customers, we strive to provide quality racing equipment at K1 Race Gear – including racing shoes, suits, driving gloves, helmets, and more – to racers of all ages at a great value. Whether your son or daughter is just starting out in the sport or you have a life-long passion for racing, we have the products for you in our full line of K1 Race Gear. If you are interested in purchasing karting or racing equipment, including racing shoes, suits, and driving gloves, contact K1 Race Gear today! More info coming soon!

Protection For Your Investments


Paint protection films are clear or coloured polyurethane films that are applied to vehicles to protect them from scratches, dents or swirls caused by road debris, rocks, bug droppings, and other environmental elements

We supply various brands high end brands and options to meet your budget, please contact us online or via phone to find out more.




We use high-quality Lamin-x protective films that are durable enough to protect for endurance auto racing, flexible enough to conform to complex curves and transparent enough to not be noticeable when applied nor affect light optics. Our Lamin-x service offers headlight, fog light, tail light film covers, clear bras, rear bumper guards, door cup and door edge guards to protect and keep your vehicle looking new for many years.

3M Window Tinting




Option 1

This installation will include our 100 Micron safety film on all windows. The back windscreen will be treated with a matching tint with the same qualities as the safety film.

The film is 45% Heat resistant and 100% UV resistant. The film will have no metal and as a result no reflectivity. The film used is a market leader and is generations ahead of the standard dyed films offered in South Africa.

For an additional cost this tint can be upgraded to a 125 micron installation. This installation is available in a 35% and a 50% tint.

This film is a Ceramic formula.


Option 2

This installation will include our 150 Micron Super Film on all windows. The back windscreen will be treated with a matching tint with the same qualities as the safety film.

The film is 85% Heat resistant and 100% UV resistant. The film will have no metal and as a result no reflectivity. The film is possibly the best car film in the world. This installation is only available in a 40% tint. This installation will also include the “Clear Blue” on the front windscreen.

Cars tinted with this film will be noticeably more comfortable than a car tinted with other film. The car will heat up more slowly and cool down incredibly fast.

If comfort is a priority and you spend a lot of time in the car, we would highly recommend this film over any other film.

The film is a Nano-Ceramic formula.

Magnetic Signs

We can produce full-colour magnetic signs in a wide range of sizes. Being magnetic, the signs and graphics are quickly installed and are conveniently removable. Brand your company identity at the lowest cost.

Window Graphics & Decals



Cover an entire window or apply a window decal of your logo. Our perforated 3M vinyl for windows permits unobstructed views from the inside of the vehicle while delivering thousands of impacting impressions every day. Cost is surprisingly low.

Vehicle Wrapping


Choices To Fit Your Budget


No matter your budget, get more mileage out of your vehicles. Even when they are parked, your cars, trucks, vans, and delivery vehicles can carry high-impact, attention-grabbing advertising messages in vivid colours that are picture-perfect. Whether you have one vehicle or a large fleet of vehicles, we feature effective solutions starting at almost any budget. Reap the benefits and advantages of vehicle advertising.


Full Vehicle Wraps


Maximum impact. Tell your complete story by wrapping your entire vehicle. Custom designs can command total attention. Full wraps are the most costly but the one-time investment performs value for 3-5 years. Every day. All day.


Partial Car Wraps


Partial coverage of a vehicle can often deliver the results of a full wrap with a smaller investment. With a great, well-thought design concept, the vehicle sides, back quarter-panels, the rear of the vehicle or just its windows can penetrate a mass audience.

Fleet Branding



Black Widow understands the importance of what your brand means to you and your company and therefore focuses on exposing your brand to potential and current clientele, using the latest in 3M vinyl’s, digital prints and technology.

Fleet Branding transforms your vehicles into a sales and marketing tool. Bring your corporate identity out onto the South African roads that hundreds and thousands of potential clients use daily.


Why Fleet Branding

  • Mobile ads are more effective than traditional outdoor ads
  • Vehicle messages generate thousands of impressions daily
  • Fleet branding can effect buying habits
  • Fleet branding boosts companies name and brand recognition far greater than any other form of advertising
  • Reach thousands of potential clients daily while sitting in the traffic, or commuting from meeting to meeting.